dunno who this is but they’re fun to draw~!

at first I really didn’t like the animal bases, but now I’m all over them and really really REALLY wish that they had more items… that weren’t majorly cash-centric! >8C

watching my sister play


this is probably the best avatar I’ve ever made, such elegance, such majesty, much debbie

close competitor would be one I made that projectile vomited while flexing aggressively…

these’re fun

made this for awesomefriend because she is great go follow her pseudoTav and pseudoTer blogs do it

having way too much fun on gaia lately dammit, curse you dress up games!! I do wish zOmg was still actively updated, though, it was probably the best part of the website ever :C

What about Golden Freddy?

already had thought about him, he cameos in the Freddy one though :D

and last but not least, the speedy bastard

Freddy | Bonnie | Chica


one more to gooooooooo

Bonnie | Chica | Foxy